and the award goes to...

Trey Wilde! for "best baby ever"!

This little boy amazes us everyday! He is so happy and content, he is smiling and laughing all the time (even with his brace on..I wouldn't be!) And he is such a good sleeper!

...is it bad that I am already nervous that our next baby will probably be the exact opposite?


Life Is Golden said...

Okay... so I would have just creeped on here and creeped right back off... but you have one of those side bar thingys... bah!
It's Kwynne's big sister (a whole 13 months bigger) Regan. Kwynne always tells me how funny you are, so I had to sneak a peak.
The new little Mr. is adorable...
You're Mom still looks 25...
I remember you being so little and visiting Barnwell ward, and now you're married with a little boy and living next to the Kwynners...
I'm so old.
Super cute family!
(give Kwynne a little slug in the arm from me next time you see her)
(give Dane a BIG slug in the arm from me next time you see him)
(Molls I just like to give a snuggle)

brock + amy said...

hahahaha.....hahahaha! You are so fuuny! This comment made my day! Thank you so much!
I'll be sure to pass on the messages to the Hendry clan :)