taking the day off.

If you know me, you know how I 
can NOT live without
my day planner/agenda/schedule (what ever you choose to call it)

I am constantly thinking of projects to do, meals to cook, books to read, 
and whatever else you could fill a day with.
That's good right?
Most of the time I think it is.
Except for sometimes when I get so overwhelmed that I just
It's silly really because I do it to myself.
Which is why I decided to "take the day off"

We had an amazing lesson in Relief Society yesterday at church. We discussed this talk.
I was trying not to completely break down in front of everyone because it was 
what I needed to hear and have been praying for help with.
 Today I made a conscious effort to slow down and plan my day according to "what matters most"
It feels good. Really good.
One of my biggest fears is that time will pass and I won't have anything to show for it.
But I am slowly beginning to learn that "anything" doesn't have to mean a
gourmet dinner every night or a finished sewing project. 
It does mean a 
happy, loving family,
scriptures and prayer,
and days filled with meaning, joy and peace.


Amie said...

UMMM I am LOVING your new font... It is adorable!!! And love this post!!!

Kinsey said...

Amy I'm reading this post....on a day off. I was feeling (I think) the same way - I keep myself so busy thinking I need to do all of these things but I never have downtime and I've been feeling really burnt out! So, I took today off and I haven't done all that much, but I'm doing the most important things on the list. :) Thanks for sharing!

Kayla Ann said...

What matters most... Conference talk was my FAVORITE!!! I went to conference this year for the first time and LOVED it. This was my favorite talk. I have read it a MILLION times and still have a hard time slowing down. good for you Amy you are amazing! and deserve "a day off" love you!! :)

Jake and Steph said...

I love this post and the all the pictures from 2010! I am starting today going to slow down and focus on what is most important. Yesterday I was way way to busy trying to be a good homemaker when I should have been enjoying good quality time with Jake and Bailey. Bailey is growing way to fast and I need to slow down and enjoy it. Love you