a good day

One of the beautiful things about working at a dental office is the random vacation time. The Dentist I work for took this whole week off...(can I get a "woot woot"?) The past few days have been nice...8 hours of sleep, laundry, long runs, reading, and all those little things that I never seem to find time to do. My aunt and uncle are also gone on a holiday for the week, so my family is babysitting thier kids. Everyone had stuff going on today, therefore, it was my turn to watch the kiddies...
The older two are in school, so it was Kade, Reese, my sister Abby and I hanging out. It was so fun! All three of them are so cute and so funny...and so well-behaved..no fights and no tears...just lots of playing (one of the games was who could give me the best hug..Kade's idea..I love that little guy!). Breakfast was 'Eggos' and chocolate milk...then we had some craft time, and a few sword fights. Soup and grilled cheese for lunch, followed up by a solid hour of dress-up time...then I got talked into baking cookies... VERY messy, but I think with kids the level of fun is often equivalent to the size of the mess, so it was great!

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