one saturday morning?

41/56- that's my current score of hours slept vs. hours I planned on sleeping this week. When I went to sleep last night I didn't set the alarm...and I still woke up at 7. Darn biological clock. All my room mates were still sleeping, it felt like when I was little and I would wake up SUPER early get a HUGE bowl of cereal (mmm) and watch cartoons...so I decided I would do just that. Except apparently there are no good cartoons anymore...when did that happen? I was actually sad...and then I started thinking about everything that has changed from when I was little...okay, there's A LOT of things that are different...here's just a few I thought of...
*Saturday morning cartoons...good ones!
*lunches packed by my mom (she would always write a little note on the napkin)
*secrect clubs with my friends
*bedtime stories
*lemonade stands
*playing dress-up (okay, okay, I still do this with Abby)
*no bills...haha!

...I guess instead of missing all of this stuff, I could just start doing it again..I am sure my boss would love the idea of recess and maybe Alyssa would read to me before I go to bed! And it's nice enough- I'm going to set up a lemonade stand right now!!

( a little blast from the past...I think I am about 7 here)

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