At long last, August is Almost over.

I realized something today...fall is coming.

I saw a leaf fall out of a tree.

It was brown and dead.

And as I watched it drift to the ground I got really excited! I can only describe it as an anticipation for the unknown. A little strange, but about 4 times every year I feel the same way. I love being at the doorstep of a new season, it is kind of like a mini new year to me. I look forward to the changing weather and variety in temperature and scenery. It seems like just when I am getting used to the weather patterns, they change, and it's great. Especially this coming season, I am moving to a new house, I have a new job, new room mates, new ward, and new people to meet!

I have never been able to say which season is my favorite...but I am thinking about all the things that make me love fall and (for now) I may choose to declare it as #1! It definitely wins for best colors, and call me crazy, but I even like the chill in the air that bites your cheeks when you step outside...don't tell anyone but I am even a tinsy bit excited for the first snowfall....shhh!

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Nikki said...

i've almost gone a whole season without you that is what you are saying? i tried calling your cell phone but of course it wasn't on. lets get together this week sometime go for a walk or anything!