sweet sweet summer

our summer break has come to an end. it has been heavenly! we've spent the time with our family, at cabins and lakes, swimming, biking, playing, golfing, boating, hiking and all other summery goodness! i love being outside and after an especially harsh winter, spending the whole day outdoors feels, so SO good! it's been wonderful watching our children play the day away with their cousins and grandparents. Our days were filled with little adventures with our three little people. we didn't make any big plans, or go far, but it was perfect. This quote came to my mind many times over the summer, as I watched trey and claire make sand castles, brigham playing in the grass, and watching Brock fish until sunset...
"all things great are wound up with all things little."
I feel like that sums up our summer, really, our life right now; many little things that are adding up to be the biggest adventure of all.