bedtime prayer

one of the absolute highlights of my day is listening to treys bedtime prayer.
when we say family prayers and blessings on the food there's more around to disract him,aka claire, and so we usually have to help him a little bit, when it's just him and he's kneeling at his bed he goes on and on, and i just listen to what's going through his little mind, it is so sweet.
tonight i was trying to hold in my laughter and hold back the tears. there is just nothing more special than a little boy telling heavenly father about his day.
he only said amen about 5 minutes ago, i wanted to remember exactly what he said!

...i'm grateful clairey can go to school with me
i'm grateful Daddy can go to dentist school
i'm grateful Mommy can be great
i'm grateful Daddy can be cool
i'm grateful Daddy reads a book with me
i'm grateful Mommy does fun stuff with me
i'm grateful Mommy and Daddy go to the potty
i'm grateful for broccoli
i'm grateful For all the stuff...

oh trey, i love you so much!