i love having a little baby again. there is something so heavenly about rocking little brigham to sleep, or just staring into his sweet face looking up at me. i love the feeling of him in my arms, and the feeling of his perfectly soft skin. I have decided that babies are just purely magic, and i want 100, okay maybe 10...maybe 6? most people think we're crazy for already having 3, so who cares right?! :)

baby #3 has held fewer surprises in the nursing, changing, and sleeping department, #1 and #2 helped with that, but the level of awe and amazement at a new, tiny, perfect person has been the same every time. and then another level of amazement that my body has held, and created, and given birth to 3 different babies. i am truly overwhelmed each day with gratitude when i look at them.

i love being a mother. it stretches me more than anything else, and teaches me things i didn't know i didn't know. becoming a mother has given me new eyes, and a bigger heart. i see everything differently than before, and love everyone more. i am more laid back, but never more sure of who i am, what i know, and what is important. i cry and laugh everyday, sometimes at the same time.
being a mother is demanding, and rewarding, and scary, and wonderful.
yep- i love it all!

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Becky said...

Amy, I just love your blog. You're awesome.