special occasion

from an outside perspective it may seem as though the exciting parts of life are past. i've lived on my own, i went to college, chose a career, graduated, worked, traveled, dated, found the love of my life, got married, moved around, and started a family. what's left, some might ask. we'll, let me tell you, after all of that i feel like life is just beginning! where i am now is where i dreamed and hoped i could be, and worked hard to get to.

our days look very ordinary and very much the same- wake up, make breakfast, get dressed, play, snack, run errands, play dates, nap time, clean up, diaper changes, lunch, diaper changes, play, clean up, make dinner, diaper changes, eat dinner, clean up, laundry, play, clean up, baths, pj's, stories, bedtime. but tucked away between the eating and changing, are the moments that life is all about. i love you's, i'm sorry's, and it's okay's. hugs and kisses, and tantrums and tears. stopping to count the bugs on the sidewalk, splash in puddles, and pick up all the rocks. chasing, laughing, singing, cuddling. racing cars down dad's back, wrapping up baby dolls and rocking them to sleep. wiping runny noses and sad tears. wet kisses, and hearing "i lub you mom".

this is what I've always wanted. this is ordinary life. and i think ordinary life is wonderful!


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

Your such a good mom and have such a sweet family. This post brought a little tear to my eye and made me so excited for the future.

The McGales said...

Loved this post Amy! Your such an amazing Mom :) You are always such a good example to me!