one year old

it was almost too coincidental, I woke up on claire's birthday at 5am, the exact time my water broke one year earlier, and 11 minutes before she was born. I laid there and relived those moments- how could it already be a year later!

she has brought so much joy to our family. some things are still the same as a year ago, she still has crazy hair, and a little button nose, but her little personality is our favorite. she is sweet and shy, brave and curious, silly and smart. she is a little girl who loves to be held and cuddled, but she also wants to have and do everything her big brother has and does. she's full of smiles and loves to dance and clap and wave. she says dadda, momma, and trey trey. she gives big wet, open mouth, kisses. she loves to hold hands and walk around. her favorite toys are books and babies, and trey's dinosaurs. she's little but tough, she definitely picks on trey more than he picks on her. shes likes to play outside, and loves animals. she loves swimming and splashing in the bath with trey, she loves when her daddy sings to her. around our house she's known by 'little sis', 'clairey', 'tiny' and (my favorite) 'sweetie' by trey :)

only one short year, and we can't remember what our lives were like without you!

happy birthday, my girl.

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