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my due date is tomorrow. tomorrow!
where has the time gone?

we are ready for this little bundle to arrive. The "to do before baby" list on the calendar {that I thought would never get done} is done. And we made it past Brock's crazy week of finals...so, any day now baby! Right now would be wonderful :)

I went into labor the day after my due date with Trey and he was born two days later. In my mind I am imagining a long labor again {what else could I compare it to} but my doctor assures me the second one is faster...we'll see.
Last night from 9pm to about 2am I was having contractions, they were every five minutes and were getting to the point where they were feeling like "real" ones...but then they slowed down and then the stopped. I cried.  I wanted it to be time.
I am ready to go into labor. I am ready to meet this little baby. I am ready to not be 40 weeks pregnant.

But, I am trying to mentally prepare myself that I could still go another 2 weeks and still be pregnant...in the mean time I {have, and} will be trying every "self induction" technique there is!

{last belly picture}


The Orrs said...

Yaayyy! We are so excited to meet your little baby!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited for you! You'll have a baby girl when we get back. Good luck, I hope your labor is a lot faster this time!

Nikki said...

You look awesome! Excited for your little family.

Kinsey said...

You are the cutest prego and cutest little mom. Good luck! :)

Tina Wilde said...

Still pregnant!! And still looking fantastic...can't wait to meet your little girl!!!!

The Olsons! said...

So exciting! Can't wait to hear how everything goes! Good luck with everything!!