a few confessions

I am addicted to the smell of baby laundry detergent. Like borderline "my strange addiction". After all the baby clothes were washed and folded I sat for about 5 minutes smelling a blanket...with my eyes clothes...I may have even been rocking back and forth.

I've seen the preview for Titanic in 3D a handful of times. When it gets to the part when the boat cracks in half and Celine starts belting "my heart will go on" - I'm bawling. This is why I refuse to ever see this move again.

I've eaten an apple with peanut butter for lunch everyday for the last 2 months.

I make Trey play with my hair- actually you can't really "make" him do anything.. so maybe he doesn't mind?

I drink straight out of the milk jug. Milk is one thing I CANNOT get enough of it when I am pregnant, and I simply can't be bothered with a glass.

I decided our baby's name will be Baby. We cannot decide on a name- I'm really hoping that whole "you'll know when you see them" thing will really work!


Nysha Murray said...

I use to smell Levi's clothes when I was pregnant. I couldn't get enough of the smell. Glad Im not the only one who had some weird pregnancy tendencies!

Becky said...

Haha that's so cute! I'm addicted to milk too... And I'm usually lactose intolerant, good thing for pregnancy hormones (for once!). And I totally know what you mean about the name... We can't decide either... Good luck, I can't wait to hear what you decide on!

VBevans said...

I was to the point of naming our lil guy Baby Bevans till we finally came upon TWO(!) names that we both agree on and then I stopped trying... I can handle two names, I figure one will fit, right? Naming a baby is waaaaaaay too much stress.