inspired by "awesome"

If you're like me you could spend h.o.u.r.s. in a bookstore. I have a little inner battle everythime I pass one...I innocently think "I'll just browse"
then reality says "there is NO WAY you won't spend money!"
"I can do it..."
"no you can't!"
...and so it continues...
Well a little while ago Trey and I were out on a walk and I ignored all the voices and boldly walked right through the door, I thought I had the best plan...read books to Trey in the cute little kids corner and not even look at the "grown up" books. He loved it and it lasted a good 20 mins...then I saw a sale table...oh boy...
I ended up only buying 2 books, and I am so glad I did, I LOVE them both!
The first one is called "Heaven is for Real" by Pastor Todd Burpo

- in a nutshell, it's about an experience with his 3 year old son who had emergency appendectomy and had a very interesting experience with Heaven...it will make you cry, but I would defineitly suggest it!
The second one is called "The book of (even more) AWESOME!"

I don't know if I am the only one under the sun who hadn't heard of 1000awesomethings.com but it truly is AWESOME! I absolutely love things like this! It just makes me so much more aware of all of the amazing blessing surrounding me each day!
For instance, lately I have thought that...
*2 weeks off of school with my husband all to myself (before yesterday when he started classes, teaching and MCAT studying) was AWESOME!
*putting Trey to bed means just that, putting him in his bed- AWESOME!
*Spring!..the sun, the smell, the longer days! AWESOME!
*watching Trey try to crawl and talk- AWESOME!
*putting dinner in the crockpot at 8am and not thinking about it until 5pm- AWESOME!
*finishing washing and folding all the laundry and having no dirty clothes in the house, now that is AWESOME!
I hope you all have an AWESOME day!


Lindsay said...

I have a book you have to read Amy. You will looooove it. It is called Little Princes (no, not Princess) and it is by Conor Grennan (yes, one "n" in Conor! lol)

Do you have a library nearby? They should have it. Check out Conor Grennan's blog too - what a great writer. But the book is the best. Check it out!

Trey is getting so big - what a beautiful little boy you get to love.

Stephanie Bengtson said...

That book Heaven is for Real is a book that we heard about in Church when we went down to Montana. That boy is the relative of one of the bishopric members in Columbia Falls. Crazy, small world. It sounded like an amazing story. He wrote it with the help of his parents! That awesome book sounds great as well!