sunshine and six months

Well, we are all back together in Saskatoon, and the sun is shining- that's right, SHINING! It never gets old how ah-mazing the warm sun feels after a cold loooong winter...I forgot Saskatoon had grass! I love being able to go outside without a coat {and without the risk of getting frostbite}, and even crack open a window or two! And now that we have a little balcony we were looking into getting
a BBQ- now THAT'S a party!
Brock is D.O.N.E. for the semester {well...he still has his spanish final...but we don't count that} and he has a couple weeks off before the spring semester starts sOo we have a little mini-vaca planned...a fancy hotel in Edmonton and a couple of fun little things to do as a family {I may have a little folder with reservations and plans in it...dorky, I know.}...this is Trey's first "official vacation" people! We're excited :)
Speaking of Trey....he is SIX AND A HALF months?! Holy. Cow. 
We are laughing at him all day, he definitely has a little big personality! He says "dadadadada" ALL day long- so sweet! He "blows"? his lips...you know what that means right?...sounds like pffffff...and if you put your finger to his lips and take it on and off fast he goes "ahhhh", cause that sounds cool!
Okay, so maybe I am not the best at describing his new tricks.
He weighed in at 17.5 lbs and ....I don't remember how long, but it was in the 50th percentile...
I feel like my baby is becoming a little boy! 
here's a little picture re-cap from the past week!
 Trey and his favorite aunt Abby cuddling in the morning
 in the highchair in Barnwell

 Hair-do time with Aunt Brooke

 So Happy at Aunt Lacey and NEW Uncle Jason's wedding!

oh ya, I got brave and cut my hair... I LOVE it...and now i want to cut it again!

 doing some spring cleaning with Mom


Julie said...

Amy you are so cute! Trey is adorable and SO big! he's a good 2 lbs bigger than Ruby! Well done!! You hair looks really cute! I chopped all mine off a few months ago and I'm loving it short

Ashley and Caleb said...

hehe He is such a stud in that little vest outfit! I can't believe how big he's getting. Sounds like your visit home was nice!! I can't get over how old your sisters are getting. Crazy! Miss ya Amy and have fun on your your little family trip :) yay a husband for a couple weeks!! I can't wait to have mine back for a bit too!

Kayla Ann said...

AMY when your in Edmonton you should call me!! I would LOVE to meet your little man!!!! even if its just for a minute!!!