planes, trains and automobiles

Well, it's already been a couple weeks since I posted something...but it's been a busy couple weeks!! Last weekend was I think one of the most fun weekends EVER! It was packed with adventures, and they were somewhat spontaneous, which made it even better! Edmonton friends came down and the weather was soo nice! Our activites included rockclimbing, frisbee, dance parties (well..mostly one that last about 24 hours) wedding parties, sketchy security gaurds :) more parties, car troubles, kayaking, and of course baking!! Laura stayed at my house all weekend (+ a day..I kidnapped her..really she wanted to stay though), so it was fun to be roomies again!!

As for the last week..I have been in LAS VEGAS!! I was there to do a course for work, and learned a lot..I know it sounds cheesey but I am a big fan of continuing education, it makes work a lot more fulfilling. Plus I love the office I work at so a week vaca with them is great! We went and saw the 'Phantom of the Opera'..it was AMAZING! ( http://www.phantomlasvegas.com/) My mom took me to it in Edmonton when I was 5 because I was obsessed with "singing like Christine"...so I was eager to see it again, and it was just as good as I remembered. I will be truthful though, this time I was a little more interested in Raoul :) Basically whenever I hear the song "All I Ask of You" my heart melts...too bad he's not real...oh well, I thought the same thing about Aladdin when I was younger, and I got over that..sort of.

My flight left Vegas at 6:00am today and took me to LA, where I was then sent to Vancouver...where I waited 3 hours to get back to Calgary..a bit ridiculous, I know, but I was just so happy to be back home! ...the southern Alberta pace is more my style!

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