He's five!

Trey is 5! it really is amazing how fast these past five years have gone, it is hard to believe! I remember so well the emotion of seeing his sweet little face for the first time, I look at him now and it's still the same perfect face… just on a much bigger body!

It is hard for me to even put into words how special he is to us. we are constantly amazed at his kindness and gentleness and patient nature. he is so happy, and he loves to make others happy, he has such a desire to do what is right. He definitely is meant to be a big brother, he is so sweet to Claire and Brigham, he loves them so much and is all his doing little things for them, and then tells me "mom I know this'll make them so happy!" We know he is our child by his whacky sense of humor; he gets us laughing pretty hard with his dance moves and made up words! He still loves dinosaurs and puzzles, and his newest hobby, Lego! He is very organized and meticulous, something that his teacher was quick to notice also. She said he is always so careful whenever he's coloring or painting and is always checking to make sure the toys have been put away in the right spots. He is just like that at home, which makes him my number one helper! I honestly depend on him so much, he is such a little responsible man! I tell Brock all the time that Trey can make a bed better than he can, ha! 

Trey, you have brought nothing but immense joy to us from the moment we found out you were coming! I remember when you were born realizing that in a year we would have a one-year-old… And in three years a three-year-old… I didn't know if I was ready, but you have taught me so much, and your love for me and your patience as I learn how to be a mother has shaped me into a much better person than i was before you came. Watching you grow and become more independent, makes my heart burst with love and break all at the same time. It wish so badly for you to stay my little boy forever, but can't deny the level of happiness it brings to watch you discover new things as you grow. You are an amazing boy, who can do so much good, and my greatest goal is to help you never to forget it!

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