a fairytale

Trey's new favorite movie is "Beauty and the Beast" We probably watch it once a day, and I am not opposed! It has always been my favorite! I even have a picture of me at Disneyland when I was 5, with the Beast, wearing a Beauty and the Beast sweatshirt! Trey loves to act out parts in the movies he watches, he runs around the house during chasing scenes, dances, sings, yells...it's more entertaining to watch him, actually! This morning we were watching Beauty and Beast, I was changing Claire, and not paying attention to what part the movie was at, Trey came over to me holding out his hand, I looked at the TV and it was the part where Belle and the Beast dance. I took Trey's little chubby hand and we danced around the living room! My little prince charming!

Ever since I can remember I've dreamed of getting married to the man of my dreams and having a house full of children. I'd come home from school and help my Mom fold laundry on her bed and then eat some banana bread she just took out of the oven and my mind would dream of when I would be the one doing the laundry and baking for my own family. Well, yesterday Brock walked in the door from school just as I was pulling some banana bread from the oven and it hit me- all of my daydreams from when I was little have become my reality, and it's really quite wonderful- our very own "happily ever after"

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