where have we been?

I feel like a better question would be where haven`t we been...we have been busy busy busy! We left Saskatoon about a month ago and headed to Calgary where we got some family pictures done (yay!) and went to see WICKED! I am a 'musical theater freak' as Brock so lovingly puts it and he (and everyone else) is sick of me singing/acting the play out...over and over...is it really too much to dream of being Elphaba on broadway one day?! To say the least, I liked it.

 July 1st weekend we headed to Montana for a Steed family reunion, it was so fun and we had PERFECT Weather! I love being with our families, it`s always laughing and playing, and the Steed Clan is no exception! From there we flew to sunny and (HOT!) Arizona. I have never been in hot weather like that before, it was about 45 degrees everyday- our days went something like this...wake up, pool all morning, lunch in the AC, pool all afternoon, dinner in the AC, pool, bed. It. was. really. really. nice. Our flight home was a bit of an adventure, a 3 hour delay, one broken plane and FINALLY a working one, got us to Great Falls at 1:30am, we pulled into Barnwell around 5am- and then slept all day! 
 Since we've been here we've been babysitting nieces and nephews, playing outside, having birthday parties and swimming in pools- at least Trey and I have...Brock has been study 8 hours a day (bleh) for the MCAT- he is such a hard worker, I don't think- no, I know I couldn't do it! 
Trey is growing so much everyday! It is actually kind of freaking me out...he is so fast, standing up to everything and trying to let go and walk, and he just popped out his 6th(!) tooth!

With one month still to go until winter, I mean September, we're looking forward to more reunions, parades, and lake days!
Hopefully you all are enjoying your loooong summer days as much as we are!

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Amie said...

Nooo winter is not coming in September... Novemeber is when it starts! haha Looks like a great month!