how much longer...

until Christmas break? Brock is in the middle of finals and I am in the middle of...waiting for him to be done! Sometimes I quiz him, actually I think I could do pretty good on his finals...but unfortunately we discovered I can be a bit of a distraction when he is trying to study, I really do try my hardest not to bug him but oddly enough I just can't stay away...good thing we're married for all of eternity! Apparently my "important" questions..."what do you want to have for supper tomorrow?" "should I bake cookies or muffins?" "do you like my hair this way?" just aren't as pressing as the anatomy of the human body...who would have thought?!

2 factors contributed to our "study time" tonight-
#1. we just got a huge bag of "jelly bellys" from a white elephant gift exchange
#2. we bought a new camera

I took pictures of the jelly bellys, I took pictures of me (there's only two people in this house and one was studying) I took pictures of me eating the jelly bellys, only the good flavors of course, all others get a bite taken out of them and then the whole thing goes in the garbage...sometimes it's hard to distimguish between watermelon (yummy) and coffee (yucky)

and just in case you were wondering Brock has 3 more days and I have 6 and  half...

(important disclosure)*I may look grumpy but I am so grateful I have a studious husband! Not to brag or anything...but he is doing AWESOME in his classes!


Bi-Ped said...

When Kyle and I first got married, my grades like SHOT UP! I got really competitive in my courses and I wanted to beat him... but still. I used to distract him all the time. To this day, we don't study in the same room. In fact, we try to stay as far away from each other as possible when we're studying, which is hard. And I always go to him with "important questions" too!

brock + amy said...

haha, as far away as possible?! And I am glad I am not the only one with those questions!