12 good things for the 12th

1. The sun was out this morning :)
2. It's FRIDAY!
3. I got off of work early (not as early as I was supposed to though...a 40 minute filling appointment turned into an hour and a half extraction...sad for me, more sad for the patient)
4. I did laundry...mostly good for the smell.
5. I came out to Barnwell.
6. Ate my favorite snack. Mmmmm.
7. Went for a walk with my little sisters. [sidenote: one thing I love about Barnwell, okay two things...first you can basically walk the whole village in about an hour. Second while you are walking you are bound to run into at least 3 people who you can visit with for a minimum of 20 minutes]
8. Played with my cousins
9. Visited with my Grandma
10. Watched 'Toy Story'
11. Got a massage..(for about 5 minutes from my sister Paige...still, a massage is a massage)
12. I'm going to go to bed before midnight...call me a grandma if you want...I'm excited.

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